Software Engineering Intern · Jun 18' - Aug 18'

Software engineering intern at Braintree (PayPal) working on the Developer Experience team. Worked on updating the drop-in UI for payments.

Mastercard ST. LOUIS, MO

Frontend Engineering Intern · Jun 17' - Aug 17'

Worked with a design team on updating the corporate social networking websites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Also worked on the team that created the video portal frontend from scratch for new-employee education system and the live video portal used by 10000+ employees worldwide.


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Computer Engineering · Aug 14' - Dec 18'

Human Computer Interaction, User Interface Design, Artificial Intelligence, Data Structures, Design Studio, Digital Interaction Design, Computer Systems Engineering, Database Systems, Machine Learning


Codeburst.io https://codeburst.io/@yagrawl

Regularly publishing articles on Medium hosted by codeburst.io on fundamental ES6+ JavaScript concepts like generators, promises, hoisting and other Front End Development techniques. More than 10000+ reads on the articles.

Moviebot https://m.me/moviebots

Facebook Messenger bot that recommends movies using Google's Dialogflow API and TMDb API. Available on Messenger Discover for the past year with 1000+ users every month.

Musify https://yagrawal.com/musify.html

Made a project which uses Clarifai's image recognition API on a custom model to analyze the mood of the video and then uses JukeDeck to add appropriate background music. The hack is a CLI built in Python using libraries like : PyDub, Pafy, et cetera. Featured on Clarifai's blog.

Task. https://yagrawl.github.io/task

A Todo webapp designed in react based on my own design. Uses the browser's local storage to keep track of the users' details and progress. The website is responsive and developed with a strong emphasis on best practices.



JavaScript · Python · HTML · CSS · Matlab · C++ · C


Bootstrap · React · Flask · Sass · NodeJS · AngularJS


Sketch · Figma · Origami · FramerJS · Affinity Designer · COMSOLĀ®